Vom fass


Liquid Capital Required: $500,000


About Us


VOM FASS is the premier specialty retailer of the world's finest olive oils, vinegars, spirits, liqueurs, wine, gourmet foods and spices. Founded in Germany in 1994, there are now more than 300+ stores worldwide. VOM FASS is well poised and well-positioned for rapid expansion in the United States.

VOM FASS has already captured the hearts of passionate "foodies" in multiple states across the country showcasing their exemplary customer service and unwavering focus on supplying only the world's finest products.

The cornerstone to every VOM FASS shop is allowing patrons to "taste-before-they-buy" any product they choose and to purchase only the quantity they desire.



A Unique Shopping Experience


VOM FASS shops are warm and inviting, with an upscale European flair. Every wall and shelf holds another treasure waiting to entice customers to look, taste, and enjoy. The most common expression heard in a VOM FASS shop is, "WOW!"

When patrons taste the fine products VOM FASS produces, that wow factor quickly turns into sales. Adding to the experience are knowledgeable and well-trained staff that educate and enlighten customers on recipes and different ways to use VOM FASS products. As you and your staff share your mutual enthusiasm and enjoyment in an unparalleled and unique retail shopping experience, word of mouth referrals spread quickly throughout your community.

VOM FASS customers naturally become passionate product ambassadors who virally spread their"FassZination" to friends and family. Franchise owners also create new and exciting VOM FASS customer experiences with culinary workshops, private tastings, food festival sales, and partnerships with local businesses. Customers delight in culinary experimentation with every new, gourmet experience.

VOM FASS is also unique in its pursuit of environmental responsibility. On a local level, customers are encouraged to reuse and refill bottles purchased at the store for future purchases. Globally, VOM FASS has a small eco- footprint due to our proprietary international product distribution and bulk packaging systems.



Unparalleled Products and Production


VOM FASS carries the largest, freshest bulk selection of natural and organic culinary oils and fruit and balsamic vinegars in the world. VOM FASS passionately focuses on product quality from the field to the table and establishes close relationships with growers and producers to ensure uncompromising quality. Products are sourced from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with additional consideration to land stewardship, current growing conditions, maturation periods, and extraction methods.

When standards are completely satisfied, the products are sealed in patented, airtight containers and shipped fresh from around the world, ensuring they come in contact with air and sunlight only at the moment of tasting or bottling. Our US distribution center keeps you stocked as you order according to your needs and preferences. VOM FASS franchise owners benefit from healthy product margins and an amazing, proprietary product mix that appeals to customers looking for unparalleled quality, taste, and nutrition.



A Healthy Trend


The health benefits of artisan oils and aged vinegars have been well-documented for centuries. Europeans have long known the health benefits of leisurely dining on meals of fish, vegetables, fruits, olives, and crusty, whole-grain bread served with delicious, fresh olive oil and a nice glass of wine. For thousands of years, residents of the Mediterranean coastal region have enjoyed a delicious diet high in plant foods and monounsaturated, "good" fats (like olive oil). They don't think of their eating habits as a diet but simply a way of life. And it's this way of life that brings an ever growing number of customers to VOM FASS, as evidenced by a rise in consumer spending for the last several years in each of our product categories


Training and Support


In 1994, soon after taking over his father's import business near the famous Waldburg Castle in Germany, Johannes Kiderlen reorganized his shops to focus on four main products: fruit vinegars, exquisite oils, select wines, and exclusive spirits, all direct from the cask. This concept allowed the business to fulfill his customers' requests for sampling Europe's finest products and decanting them into attractive bottles or jars of their own choosing. The knowledge Johannes gained in developing his shops evolved into his company's guiding mission – "Only the best, always." Only the very best ingredients that can be found will be used in the manufacture of VOM FASS oils, vinegars, and spirits.  The business continues today with Johannes son, Thomas Kiderlen who is now at the helm of the company as CEO.  His drive and passion for the business continues to elevate the companies position in the very competitive food and beverage marketplace.  The company continues to evolve and the US is now the focus for meeting and exceeding growth targets in the near future.