Liquid Capital Required: $100,000


The Barre Code


A fitness a fitness lifestyle brand. Every Barre Code workout has been specifically designed to help you sweat, burn, and get the results you want to see, while helping you discover your best, strongest self.

The Barre Code provides classes are all encompassing for all your fitness needs, combining cardio strength and restoration. Our core classes are Barre Code, BarRestore, Brawl, HIIT,TBC and Burn. Our classes strengthen your muscles, burn calories, engage your mind and body with high intensity easy to learn combinations, giving you a full body workout that develop muscle stamina and promote active recovery while working that mind body connection finishing the class with deep stretches and mediation. There’s no need for other gym memberships. We’ve got you covered.

A commitment to evolution. The Barre Code is dedicated to change and improvement. We are constantly creating new routines and exercises to keep the body challenged and the mind engaged. We research and follow fitness trends and practices to make sure that our class offerings, props, and equipment are fresh and relevant.

A team trained to inspire and motivate. Challenging our clients to love the skin they are in. Barre Code instructors go through an intensive, one-of-a- kind training program, with a focus on powerful motivational techniques for a truly unique workout experience.

Our community is like no other, we Empower and Encourage each other to strive for the true beauty that make a difference. This is a workout that goes beyond the barre. We “live by The Barre Code,” We use fitness to teach others to deepen their connection to themselves and those around them. Creating a national community of supportive and encouraging people.

A growing, successful franchise. Since opening in 2010, The Barre Code has gone from a small basement studio to thriving franchise program with multiple locations across the country – with 41 + locations and we are still growing.

The Barre Code Franchise Owner

Owners are high energy, positive, and have a genuine passion for being the bright spot in someone’s day while inspiring women and men to believe in their abilities and live up to their fullest potential and celebrate their successes. Their mission is to help their local community focus on gaining self-confidence, strength, and hope while discovering their best self. They also have the ability to build a prosperous business through that mission

The Class

Featuring curated music that changes monthly from professional DJ’s exclusive to The Barre Code, and attended by up to 30 members; your studios will pulse with positive energy from start to finish! Instructors provide continuous encouraging reinforcement and reflection on the impact of the experience for positive change. Members become hooked on the energy and so will you. Every prospective franchise owner will attend a private class as part of the Discovery Day experience.

The Studio

We assist with the design and building out of your studio. Each of your studios will span 1,500 to 3,000 square feet in a bright and accessible location at the heart of the action in your market. The layout of each studio is customized to the local market and generally features several elements

• Storefront which pulls in traffic with its clean, bright and contemporary look
• Inviting reception and retail space
• Small changing and make-up stations, lockers which attracts customers coming from work
• Classrooms. The heart of the studio is the classroom.
• Bathroom compliant with local requirements
• Small office for staff and storage for equipment
• Optional childcare space.

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