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Liquid Capital Required: $80,000


Studio Figura® International is the creator of the Studio Figura® - Global Concept of Body Shaping brand. 

Studio Figura is a tested concept that helps women take care of their health and beauty. Thanks to a unique combination of exercises, treatments and diet thousands of women are satisfied with the improvement of their health, well-being and appearance.



We have been in business for 16 years and in that time we have developed a unique know-how of a tested business idea.

We have over 1200 Studio Figura salons in the entire world, over 150 of which are located in Poland. We operate in Europe (England, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine), in the Middle East (Israel, Kuwait) and in Asia (Georgia, Turkey).

The number of salons that are part of the Studio Figura concept is growing constantly. Around 6-15 new salons are opened each month. We already have 6 locations in the US.



SF is not only a brand but also a symbol of a successful idea for business as well. Thousands of satisfied women and hundreds of lost kilos and centimeters are the proof of it. 

We encourage women from all over the world to take up the challenge of running their own business. We provide the knowledge necessary for conducting a business in the field of health, fitness and beauty.



We have created a unique franchise that is simple, clear and gives our Partners independence in their actions.


We have called it the five pillars of Studio Figura concept:

  • Our own, innovative equipment;
  • Proprietary, tested and – most importantly – effective dietary program;
  • Our own supplements and cosmetics;
  • Effective marketing strategy that helps acquire customers;
  • Dedicated SF platform that facilitates business management.  



We are the manufacturer of devices such as: Roll-Shaper®, Vacu-Shaper®, Infra-Shaper® Swan, Tulip®. 

We have our own line of cosmetics and supplements. 

We pass on our proven and effective knowledge of dietary methodology. The tools that we offer allow to adjust the diet optimally for the purpose of our Customer, according to her age, health condition and past physical activity.