Liquid Capital Required: $50,000


Shine serves customers. That is who we are.


We strive to be the best service company in the industry by taking a very long-term approach to customer service.


At Shine we seek to create lifetime customers. Lifetime customers use us for all their needs:


  • Window Washing
  • Pressure Washing
  • House Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Holiday Lighting


We strive to make your cleaning or Holiday Lighting service so enjoyable you will schedule with us as long as you own your home, tell your friends about us and allow us to serve you in your next home.


Shine has been a service business serving thousands of clients for over 15 years because we love customers and promise to serve them with professionalism and integrity. This includes everything from wearing shoe coverings in your home, protecting your furniture, carpets and valuables with towels and rugs and training our employees to do the same.



Our Story:


In 1998 Chris Fisher Graduated College and decided to build a Company that would serve others and create opportunities for people to develop into leaders.  Chris went from one man and a squeegee to a business that served thousands of people across West Michigan.  In 2006 Chris decided to add Holiday Light Installation to supplement his slow season and provide more work for his employees.


In 2011 Chris fell in love with the idea of business systems and promoted Aaron Haarsma and Lee DeJonge to roles in the company where they could write systems and build a company that could be replicated by anyone with a desire work hard and to serve others.


In 2012 Chris made several life changing decisions.  He moved forward with the creation of franchise documents and officially sold his business to his lifelong friends to create the first two Shine Franchises.  Chris also moved his family of six to serve others in Uganda, where he would spend the next three years caring for poor and orphan.  In order to preserve the culture of servant leadership and employee empowerment Chris hired Matthew DeYoung to grow his new franchise business.  Matt joined Shine after returning from Tanzania where he worked with entrepreneurs and orphans.  Chris asked Matt to grow the organization with the right people and lead them with autonomy, respect and a commitment to franchise service.


Since 2012 Shine has grown to a nationwide company with an amazing group of entrepreneurs.  Chris returned in 2015 and moved his family of 8 to Austin, Texas where he could start a Shine from the ground up and familiarize himself with the challenges, joys and frustrations of operating the business he loves so much.  Chris believes his experience of opening his own Shine in a new market will enable him to serve the other Shine owners by familiarizing himself with the entire process they will go through.


Low cost, high ROI franchise opportunities and in high demand these days, we believe Shine offers the best combination of growth potential, people and systems that you’ll find anywhere in the franchise world.



There are 3 things which make the Shine Opportunity unique in the franchise world:


#1 – Year Round Revenue & Employee Utilization


We know first hand that there are 2 major challenges facing home services businesses. The first is the issue of seasonal revenue and the second is finding, training and keeping good employees.


That’s why Shine offers 2 franchise opportunities – Shine Window Care and Shine Holiday Lighting.


If you already have an established home services business, investing in one of our franchises may help solve either or both problems for your existing business. However, if you’re looking for a totally new investment and business, the combination of our 2 franchises will help you keep great employees and a stable revenue stream year round.



#2 – Multiple Revenue Streams


Shine started with just one service – window cleaning. But as we began cleaning windows and making people happy, it didn’t take long for customers to start asking us to clean their gutters, pressure wash their driveways and handle all sorts of other home cleaning jobs.  Later on, one of our customers asked us if we knew how to get on a ladder and install their Christmas lights for them and our Holiday Lighting franchise was born!


Window cleaning remains one of the core profit centers for our business. Franchisees also have the option to offer roof cleaning, pressure washing, house washing, holiday light installation and commercial services in their individual markets.


This unique opportunity allows Shine franchisees to create “Customers for Life” by providing multiple services to the same clients throughout the year. This natural upsell/cross-sell opportunity is a key factor in the success of each local Shine location!



#3 – People, Processes & Culture


If you want to learn how to do something really well, learn from people who have successfully done what you are trying to do.


When you invest in a Shine franchise, that’s exactly what you’ll get!


Our organization is smaller than many of the franchising giants which means that our leadership team has the time and bandwidth to take a personal interest in helping you launch your franchise and quickly becoming profitable.


As a member of the Shine team, each franchisee gets direct access to the pioneers of Shine who have successfully opened and run their own local franchises and developed the processes and systems which make Shine successful.


Of course each Shine franchisee receives the sort of world class training, support and resources that you’d expect from a well established franchise system. The difference is that training and support is delivered by people who have actually run successful franchises!