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Liquid Capital Required: $100,000





Invest in Your Future with Shield Building Products

At Shield Building Products, we are dedicated to providing the highest degree of excellence in both the products and the services we offer,  keeping the bar high and our standards stringent. With a proven operating model, industry stability, and efficient systems in place, we are offering an investment opportunity second to none in the franchise marketplace.  

This is an excellent opportunity that empowers potential franchisees with a solid franchise support system, incredible market applicability, and effective marketing techniques. We are seeking franchise partners to join our team, to share our proven formula and our trusted brand throughout  the nation.



See Yourself with Shield Building Products 

The best fit franchise partners for Shield Building Products will have the following qualities: 

- Self motivated
- Results driven
- Positive, energetic, and pleasant
- Organized and structured
- Great at developing culture
- Natural leader
- “Gets” sales and marketing
- Meets financial requirements



The Industry Outlook

- The home improvement industry is worth $440 billion and growing.
- In the U.S. there are more than 150 million homes over 20 years old. 
- The recommended timeframe for replacing windows and doors is every 15 to 20 years.
- Homeowners pay great attention to selecting the right products for their homes, and windows and doors are a major component.
- The demand for a high quality, full-service window and door company is growing. It is important to remember that this is a service-oriented business, and consequently, it is very difficult for online retailers and big box stores to compete and disrupt it.
- There will always be a need for the personal and professional attention we offer, starting with design, product selection, project engineering, education, and throughout professional installation.
- There will always be new home construction, people will always be moving and renovating existing homes, and they will need quality windows and doors in the process.



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