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Liquid Capital Required: $50,000


Own A Franchise That Has ZERO National Competition

Screenmobile is the nation’s leader in servicing both residential and commercial structures with custom fit screens. We measure, manufacture and install screens for windows, doors, porches, and patios on-site and at the convenience of our customers. While the way we serve our product is unique, our customer service, interaction and approachability is what makes Screenmobile unique, and is the reason for our strong national growth.



Why Screenmobile?

  • 100% Owner Satisfation
  • 120+ Territories Awarded


How Our Business Model Works:

Our trucks and screening trailers, which are what allow our Franchise Owners to screen on-site and in real time, are the focal points of our business model. This is what puts the mobile in Screenmobile! Additionally, due to the setup and branding of the modernized trailer, we’ve seen a significant increase in job requests from ‘walk-up’ clients - which we encourage. As a result of our own ongoing corporate support, Screenmobile currently has a 99% renewal rate of our Franchise Owners.



Why Franchise Owners Love The Business:


Zero National Competition

We’re a nationally recognized brand, with a proprietary “mobile workshop” model that hasn’t replicated by any national competitors in nearly four decades.

Successful Franchise Concept

We have been in business since 1980 and have over 120 licenses open across 25+ states, so you could say our track record speaks for itself!

Outstanding Return on Investment

Since Screenmobile is home-based, there’s no need for expensive real estate or large build-outs. This allows our Franchise Owners to launch their business within 8-12 weeks after signing an agreement!

Owner-Controlled Schedule

Though our business hours are from 7 AM to 5 PM, that does not mean Franchise Owners are going to have to work 10-hour days! As a Franchise Owner, you’ll have the ability to set your own schedule, giving you a flexible, healthy work-life balance.

Family Values

As a family-owned company, Screenmobile places a high value on family. In fact, we treat our owners like members of our own family, which accounts for our 100% Franchise Owner satisfaction rate!



The Ability to Build An Empire

Thanks to the combination of an ever-growing amount of screens across America and the outstanding reputation we have built, Franchise Owners’ phones are poised to be ringing off the hook with business.

Our Executive Ownership Track allows the option to start with just one truck and trailer, and quickly scale. Whether you choose to own a fleet of Screenmobile truck/trailer combos, or you’re satisfied with operating just one, the option to purchase multiple Screenmobile licenses gives you the chance to maximize your potential revenue.


Are You Someone Who?


Community and Family Focused?

You’re passionate about your family and your community. You’re eager to be actively involved in your community, as a means to network and source more leads for your new business. You’re also seeking a business that is family friendly and focused. More importantly, you're looking to join a new family and build a partnership of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Organized, Punctual, and Accountable?

You’ll be traveling throughout your community, visiting multiple job sites and customers each day. To build strong revenues as a successful Franchise Owner, you’ll need to be organized, accountable and punctual.

Is Good With Your Hands?

While Screenmobile University equips you with all the technical skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful, you like the challenge of repair and customization and creating something out of nothing. You relish learning new skills and are excited to create something of value and purpose.

Has Some Business Game?

Highly driven, motivated, and a decision maker, you’re looking for a flexible work schedule to balance work and home. You have outstanding leadership qualities to go along with strong customer relationship skills.