Liquid Capital Required: $50,000


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You work with Business Owners to Improve their Business, accelerate their Growth and grow their Profits, and what Business owner doesn't want that? You do this by using the easy to follow ProfitPlus process, software, know-how and thousands of business strategies... you meet with business owners monthly and help them grow their business, Image titleimprove their cash flow and increase profits. The really great thing about this business... you don't need many clients to be highly successful! Business owners need your help. Many of them work extremely long hours and find themselves under enormous financial pressure for very small financial return.  In some cases Business Owners find their personal assets at risk and forfeit superannuation contributions for the sake of keeping their Business operating. But when they work with you, and using the ProfitPlus business improvement systems, they get back control, they grow their profits, they grow their cash flow and you become their trusted Advisor. Running your own ProfitPlus Accounts business is very rewarding. You build a high following within your business community and become the trusted Advisor for many business owners.  Being successful in your own right, and watching your clients become more successful is gratifying. If you have passion and heart then this is a great business to grow.

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Why Choose ProfitPlus Accounts?

You’ll be entering a 201 billion dollar recession proof industry with an annual growth rate of 5.15.

When considering which type of franchised business is right for you, your work-balance and investment should be at the top of the list.   ProfitPlus Accounts takes both of these into consideration and has developed your home-based business (Firm) or larger business (Practice) with minimal employees and very low overhead. 

When you join ProfitPlus Accounts you join an experienced team who started this industry 20 years ago.


Training and Support

Before you open your ProfitPlus Accounts business you’ll be required to complete our four week pre-training program and our 6 day Induction training school.  You will be educated on all aspects of bringing on new clients and advising them successfully. You will cover a full range of topics including:

  • Selling professional services to business owners

  • Marketing and lead generation using our proven systems

  • Proprietary business advisory programs

  • Bookkeeping as an additional revenue source

  • Preparing clients for long term engagement

  • Learning how to "be the advisor" to achieve great success in your practice

  • Preparing for and presenting seminars, workshops and group programs

  • Using the principles of Leverage to grow your business

  • How to set up a professional business advisory firm

When you have completed the training program you will receive continuous support from our qualified staff. Every franchised business has an accountability coach to support and guide you as you grow your professional business 

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Ideal Candidate 

We're looking for people who are excited about creating a professional business in professional services based industry...people who are confident, energetic and ready to be leaders within their local business community

Our Ideal candidate loves business, is passionate about helping other and is committed to life-long learning. The candidate should have good general business knowledge, be ok with reading financial reports. And you need to be willing to learn and embrace a whole new level of understanding about advising small to medium business owners. Self-discipline and self-direction are keys. Strong presentation skills and face-to-face sales skills are a plus.