Liquid Capital Required: $30,000



Does Money Really Grow on Trees?

Monster Tree Service® is looking for motivated, financially qualified individuals to continue our success in the $16-billion-dollar tree service industry. 

Established in 2008, Monster Tree Service® has quickly become the most trusted, successful and recognized tree service franchise in the nation. 

Operating throughout the United States, our franchisees provide year-round tree removal, pruning, land clearing, stump removal and other tree and plant healthcare services to residential and commercial customers. 

A Monster Tree Service® franchise provides a proven, powerful competitive advantage built on years of brand equity and success.

Why Monster?

When people need their trees maintained or removed safely, they turn to Monster Tree Service!

Why do they choose us consistently?  Because we're committed to two things: healthy trees and satisfied customers.

What sets us apart is more than our experience, our equipment, or our franchise locations across the country.  It’s our team of professional arborists dedicated to providing outstanding tree service benefiting both customers and the environment.

Our mission at Monster Tree Service® is to provide exceptional tree service while Making the World a More Beautiful Place - One Tree at a Time™.  

Own a Monster Tree Service® Franchise

Monster Tree Service® is a work from home franchise opportunity with three different levels of ownership options: Oak, Pine, and Birch.

The initial franchise fee for our top level Oak program is $42,400, the mid-level Pine option is $34,400, and the Birch option is $26,400, with a 10% discount for multiple units and a 15% VetFran discount available.

The total investment (including the initial franchise fee) ranges from a high of $245,523 to a low of $98,051, depending on the franchise ownership option that works best for you. We require that you have $30,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $100,000. 

With Monster, you’ll receive training by expert arborists on how to deliver world-class service to both residential and commercial customers, followed by best in the business support and proven, innovative marketing strategies - all professionally designed to give you a unique, competitive edge. 

Is Monster Tree Service® Franchise Right for You? 

If you have a passion for the Great Outdoors, and would like to own a business that is kind to the environment and fun to operate - while helping you achieve your personal and financial goals - Monster Tree Service® might be the perfect franchise for you. 


Industry: Green/Tree Care & Service                  
Started: 2008     Began Franchising: 2012
Franchise Units: 29     Company Units: 1



  Oak  Pine  Birch
Initial Investment Range: $164,625 - $245,523  $147,420 - $219,576  $98,051 – $138,014
Initial Franchise Fee: $42,400  $34,400  $26,400
Territory Population: 200,000  150,000  100,000
Royalty: 5% in year 1, 5.75% in year 2, 6.5% in year 3 onward
Industry Size: $16 Billion Dollar Annual Industry
State Registrations: All but Hawaii and North Dakota
Territory Availability: All States    
In-House Financing: No SBA Registry: Yes
Required Capital: $30,000 Required Net Worth: $100,000
VetFran: 15% Discount Multiple Units: 10% Discount