Liquid Capital Required: $30,000


About Monita Janitorial Services

What seems simple and obvious to us has been and continues to be completely invisible to our competitors. These fine details, coupled with our unwavering desire to support our franchisees and see them through to profitability and beyond, is part of what makes up the Monita difference. The Monita founders make themselves directly available to their employees and their franchisees by call, text and email on a virtually unlimited basis. No inquiry by a franchisee is too small.



Our Office Cleaning Franchise Service

Monita Franchising serves as a truly differentiated opportunity in the janitorial world. We don’t charge our franchisee’s administrative or processing fees for business activities like invoicing or accounting. We don’t demand extreme percentages of your sales in exchange for our expertise, either. Instead, the culture at Monita is one that fosters the true entrepreneurial spirit. You will be in business FOR yourself but most certainly not BY yourself!

We will teach you all the tricks of the trade from how to appropriately estimate your services, to how to follow up and close sales, right down to the smallest details that we absolutely know matter to our janitorial customers like how to appropriately place a liner in a trash bin.



Monita Franchisees Offer:

  • Commercial Cleaning - The condition of your office affects you and your employees more than you might realize. A tidy space promotes organization.
  • Carpet Cleaning - Your carpet fibers trap dust, pollen, and other allergens. Without proper cleanings, those allergens will build up and get thrown into the air.
  • Disinfecting Services - Using our electrostatic sprayer technology, our team is able to efficiently and effectively sanitize your home or business.
  • Floor Waxing - You might have a coat of wax on your tile floors already, but are you sure it’s in good condition? Over time, floor wax degrades.



Why Monita

Monita is one of the most cost-effective Franchises you can invest in!

  • - Low start-up costs
  • - No brick-and-mortar leasehold
  • - No fit-out
  • - No vehicle requirements – use your current vehicle!
  • - Purchase supplies and equipment when you need them as you earn cleaning jobs


Your initial franchise fee starts at $12,500*. Depending on the size of the territory you will operate your Monita franchise in depends on the total investment.



Ideal Candidate

We're looking for franchise owners who will provide excellent customer service and work with their team to provide the best cleaning services in their community. Strong sales, marketing and business development skills are preferred but can also be trained. You should expect to invest $50,000 (most will invest less!) to get your business started. You can operate this business however you wish as far as your role and personal time commitment.

Investing in any franchise is an important decision. That’s why Monita structures our franchise discovery process the way we do. We encourage our franchisee candidates to take their time when learning about us, to ask any question you can possibly think of, partner with trusted advisors to help you to the conclusion that Monita is a good fit for you on YOUR terms.