Liquid Capital Required: $50,000


Let's Start With the Guarantee.

We guarantee if you follow our system and fail to gross $500,000 in your first 20 months, we will refund your franchise fee in full. There are thousands of franchises to choose from, but we are the only one with a guarantee.



Why are we willing to do this?

Because we understand buying a franchise takes a leap of faith on your part. It's confusing to sift through franchises and figure out of which one is the best. We know that our system works because we have been doing this for 30 years!



  • - How to get prospects—Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click marketing program, Social Media, Networking.
  • - Close jobs—Our franchisees are closing their estimates at a rate of 65%- 100% above industry standard.**
  • - Protect the margins—We have accurate estimating software.
  • - Grow a painting and handyman business—We help you every step of the way.


Our franchisee's revenue streams come through:

- Interior & Exterior Painting
- Power washing
- Handyman jobs
- Remodeling

Most service industry franchises only do painting or handyman, but not both.




For as little as $75k, you can own a Klappenberger & Son franchise with quick ramp-up time. Investment—Klappenberger & Son’s low investment cost and high return rates make it one of the best franchise values.

Our investment ranges between $75k – 106K.

Klappenberger & Son offers ways to make the investment even more affordable, including a 17 percent franchise fee discount for veterans. Most applicants can get started with about $15k-20k down payment through our business relationship with the SBA.




  • - Is previous painting or handyman experience necessary? No previous experience is required.
  • - Do I have to do the painting or handyman work? No, your job is to grow and manage the business using our processes and systems.
  • - What type of training do I receive? Our training is six weeks long, with continued ongoing support. Even during the training process, many of our franchisees are already bringing in revenue.
  • - How do we get off to such a fast start? Through our digital marketing plan, you will be getting real estimate requests during training. In the last two weeks of training, we will be with you helping you do those estimates. These extra steps are crucial factors for getting out of the gate quickly.
  • - Should I consider buying two territories? No, one area is plenty big. Most of our franchise territories are 2-3 times larger than our competitors.


Top Reasons Franchisees Love Owning a Klappenberger & Son Franchise

  • - Home improvements and painting is a recession and COVID-resistant industry.
  • - The opportunity to generate a portfolio of multi-purchase, repeat customers, is significant. A mature franchise can expect 70% of their work to come from repeat business and referrals.
  • - A Klappenberer & Son has little overhead or employees. Leasing commercial space is not necessary.
  • - A Klappenberger & Son franchise offers you flexibility, both in your time and in your lifestyle.
  • - The size of your business is up to you. Whether you want a ten-man or a 50-man crew, we are here to help guide and support you.
  • - Territory—Our territories are so large you don't need to consider buying a second one to reach your financial goals. Each region could easily support 50 or more workers in the field.



Franchise Fee Guarantee

The requirements for the franchise fee guarantee are as follows.

The franchisee must have a minimum of 5 "one on one" meetings each month for 20 consecutive months with prospects or companies that are:

- Property Managers.
- HOA.
- Hospitals.
- Colleges/Private schools.
- Government Historical Restoration Agencies.
- Facilities Management personal at additional meeting(s) before a business relationship can begin.