Liquid Capital Required: $23,355



Low Cost Franchise Opportunity with a Jani-King Franchise

Jani-King’s Unit Franchisees choose from a wide range of investment plans and some that are considered to be among the lowest cost franchise opportunities available. Once you become a Jani-King franchisee, you’ll receive immediate training, support and recognition as a business owner with one of the leading commercial cleaning franchise companies in the world.  Other valuable benefits you receive when you start a commercial cleaning business with Jani-King include;

Brand power – With more than 120 support offices around the world, Jani-King’s brand and reputation for quality are well-known. In addition to the strength that comes from name recognition, franchisees also benefit from Jani-King’s ability to negotiate best pricing for programs and equipment based on the volume of franchisees participating.

Proven business systems – Jani-King has developed, transformed and improved its business processes over the years based on results. This means that you’re not having to start from scratch or get thrown off course when challenges arise. Over the past five decades, Jani-King has been clearing the path to business success.

New account offerings – Jani-King has teams of sales professionals at the regional office level that make it their business to sign new business for franchisees to service. So if you’re not comfortable with soliciting new business, you can partner with the regional office to have new business offered to you. Additionally, Jani-King has professionals at the corporate headquarters that sign national partnerships and also work with individual regions to sign specialty accounts such as hospitals, hotels, and stadiums. It’s through their efforts new accounts are signed and offered to franchisees, helping you to grow your business and leaving you with time to focus on providing quality service.

Equipment and uniform programs – We have reputable, effective partnerships with leading manufactures of equipment and uniforms. By building these partnerships at the corporate level, Jani-King is able to negotiate best pricing and develop programs that build brand consistency. Equipment leasing programs allow franchisees access to the latest cleaning equipment with manageable payment terms. Our uniform program gives franchisees the opportunity to outfit their employees in quality, affordable uniforms that build trust with our customers.

Advertising – From national digital marketing strategies to local sports team sponsorships, Jani-King’s advertising strategies are designed for brand awareness and new customer lead generation. We have built a world-class website and push information through social media channels, we have created campaigns and strategies to target specific customer audiences, we participate in trade shows and other traditional marketing initiatives, and we drive our brand through vehicle advertising in local markets. In addition, fliers, brochures and other marketing pieces are made available for franchisees to order so that you have the necessary tools to promote your services if you choose to do so. It’s these strategies and so much more that help to push Jani-King’s brand across the globe.

Insurance – Every business needs insurance to safeguard their investment. Through Jani-King’s insurance program, franchisees benefit from great rates and programs customized to our business. See for yourself how business insurance through Jani-King’s partners can protect your investment.

Technology – Managing and growing your business takes more than just providing great service. Jani-King continues to develop technologies that help you better manage customer communication, accounting processes, franchise reporting and more. Our team of personnel and technology vendors help support your business and continually work to find new solutions to make your business better than the competition.

Operations support – Knowing how to clean effectively and efficiently starts with proper training and Jani-King operations teams are industry pros that know what it takes to meet customer expectations. When you have questions, need operational support or would like additional or specialty account training, Jani-King’s local operations teams are there to support you.

Administrative assistance and more – Your objective is to provide terrific service and grow your business, so let Jani-King’s administrative team support you in those efforts. From customer billing to guiding you to the right source for information, equipment, uniforms, marketing materials and more, you’ll have the support of administrative professionals at your local Jani-King office. This is all part of being a Jani-King franchise owner.



Go into business for yourself with the support of the most recognized name in the commercial cleaning industry.

Jani-King is known internationally as the top commercial cleaning franchise opportunity.  The best part about starting a commercial cleaning franchise with Jani-King?  You have options.  Start small with one employee or make a large investment and build a team of employees that services many clients. We provide you with a base of initial customers and continue to send new customers to you as you grow.  No matter how you start your business, you will always have the support of the Jani-King name to guide you along the way.  Experience the power of business ownership and start your Jani-King franchise today.

Our franchise support includes:

  • - Low Initial Investment
  • - Guaranteed Customers
  • - New Business Initial Training
  • - Branding / Advertising
  • - Equipment and Uniform Programs


This is Your Janitorial Franchise Opportunity

At Jani-King, we believe there simply is no better opportunity to achieve your financial goals than to be a business owner. With every new account, your business grows. With every satisfied customer, your business thrives.

Imagine the possibilities and then discover the benefits of being in business for yourself but not by yourself with Jani-King’s proven franchise program.


Learn more about starting your commercial cleaning franchise and the support you receive from Jani-King.

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