Liquid Capital Required: $200,000


The Opportunity

There has never been a better time to start an iTrip® franchise.

In the last few years this industry has been on fire. We have seen consumer awareness about vacation rentals go from 15% to 35%. How many times have you been able to place yourself in the right place, at the right time, in a true market consolidation and catch the wave of a lifetime?

iTrip® Vacations is a web-based vacation rental and property management company that is revolutionizing the way guests book and use vacation homes. iTrip’s mission with the Franchisees who own and operate their exclusive franchise territories is to provide them with industry-leading technologies and platforms as well as comprehensive digital marketing strategies for optimal success. iTrip’s goal is to become the most trusted brand in the vacation rental industry.

- iTrip® Vacations provides Franchisees the tools needed to increase your revenue potential and market growth.
- Our branding and marketing initiatives help expand your presence and create more business opportunities.
- Larger distribution channels, customized content, enhanced processes and support to reach a world-wide audience.

Because iTrip® provides franchisees with extensive training, there is no industry experience required; only a true desire to own your own business in a dream location. You will have the backing of a proven model, operate an exclusive territory, and enjoy state-of-the-art systems and industry-leading technology- all while working from the comfort of your home.



Unique Ownership Benefits Include:

- No experience required. State-of-the-art systems, proven processes to help you succeed.
- No inventory or equipment to buy. All you need is a computer and smartphone.
- No building to lease, no retail location. Work from anywhere.
- No build-out costs, no long-term lease to sign.
- No accounts receivables.
- No additional employees needed.




Our corporate team members have extensive knowledge in their individual specialties, including business development, content marketing, sales, social media, software and website development, market analysis, customer service strategies and more. Each Franchisee receives on-going training and support from the corporate team, working together to ensure your success.

Our hands-on experience and ability to replicate the model in subsequent markets serves notice to the experience you receive with your investment. Your ability to work with our team of support personnel and follow our success-producing processes provides a roadmap built on years of experience.



Frequently Asked Questions


What unique advantages do you have over other rental management companies?

The primary advantage is we are structured as a virtual company with efficiencies and automation that allow you to operate your business without many of the traditional expenses associated with typical Vacation Rental Management companies.


What marketing strategies do you employ to reach the prospective vacation guests?

Our Internet Marketing Strategy is multifaceted and includes geo-targeted search engine traffic, organic search engine traffic, high-traffic portals, PPC, or pay per click, internet advertising, and repeat business from our vast existing database of repeat customers.


Which properties work best in this program?

We find the finest properties in the market work the best in our system. We provide the rental guest with professional photographs, videos and descriptions that allow the very best properties to reach their full potential. This is a real advantage for Franchisees in our system as the finest properties are also the highest grossing properties.


Does this business require leasing or buying commercial retail space?

No, this is a major advantage to our system. Many franchise opportunities require you to sign long-term leases or purchase expensive commercial property. On top of the lease and property expenses, you are also required make large capital investments in property build out and furnishings.


Is this a good business for couples and families?

iTrip® has several successful family businesses where clearly defined roles focused on either business development or business management have provided the structure for "happy ever after".


Is multi-unit ownership possible?

History has told us that when a franchisee puts all of their attention on a single territory first, they achieve greater success and market penetration than when focused too broadly. We would never rule out multi-unit ownership, but based on our experiences, recommend starting and succeeding in a single market first.