Liquid Capital Required: $20,000




Welcome To iSmart Wash

iSmart Wash is a Mobile 100% Hand Wash Full Service Car Wash Company, dedicated to helping reduce water waste by using our advanced Nano-Technology, Eco-Friendly, fully biodegradable car cleaning system.

Our friendly and convenient On-Demand mobile car wash service comes to our customers, at their place of business or their residential building, cleaning cars in their parking spot. We are Looking to expand our Team of dedicated, friendly, and detail oriented car care professionals that work out of there personal cars. iSmart Wash has a mission to Save Billions of Gallons of water while giving back millions to water impoverished nations through an organization called We are the Future of Car Washing and once people try our service they never waste time going to the drive thru car wash again.

iSmart Wash offers a Money Back Guarantee on our investment and with every wash if our customers are not happy with our service. Discover how iSmart Wash is the Safest Service Business to start in any area and if this business is right for you below.



You Can Start This Business In 2 Weeks Without Any Fear Of Failure!

If you could Retire in 2 Years and make Passive Income for the rest of your life would you Start this Business?

If someone was Mentoring/Guiding you Daily to achieve this Goal, and you had a Team of like minded individuals available to you, Do you think you would Succeed?

This Business is for you if you have No Experience in Business, Have No Experience in the automotive industry but a Desire to work for yourself.

This Business is also for those who are currently in Business and looking for ways to Make Passive Consistent Never Ending income even while you sleep.

To be Awarded the iSmart Wash Business gives you the ability to achieve these goals and our Goal is that we eliminate the Risk of Failure in Business and give you everything you need to Succeed. Here is what our business come with:


  • - Daily and Weekly Guidance and Mentorship from our Team to ensure your success.
  • - Proven Successful Trusted Branding, Marketing Material and 100's of ways to promote the Business to make Sales!
  • - All Online Booking Systems, Tools, Towels and Training needed to make the iSmart Wash Business successful in your Area
  • - Use our of On-Demand iSmart Wash App in the app stores to operate iSmart Wash in your area
  • - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Because that is how confident we are that you will make money with iSmart Wash


We have Partners who after starting our business have 100% Closing Ratios on accounts and opened 15 Locations in 3 Months. We have partners who are 20 Years old making over $100/Hr, Quitting College and looking to Retire in 2 Years with better income than a 401k after 40 Years of Hard Work! The old way of doing things is dying quickly and we want to get you up to speed on creating Financial and Life long Freedom.

Act Fast, as we will most likely increase the pricing soon! Please note, we offer a FREE Wash Box to see if this business is for you (Box is sent within a week)!



Our Ideal Candidate

We are looking for people interested in working for themselves, have unlimited earning potential and have the ability to work their own schedule effectively. If you are driven, hard working and feel under-appreciated in your current direction, this is ideal for you.

All potential partners must pass background checks, HEXECO Quizzes, and be motivated to grow a sustainable business in their area. This is a part-time and full-time opportunity where you could retire in 2 years or have it as a side hobby on the weekends. Very minimum investment required to start with the lowest overhead maintaining the business possible for beginning entrepreneurs. Good Luck!