Liquid Capital Required: $125,000


The Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise in the World.


To our members, it's the funnest, most calorie_burning workout of their lives. They strap on real gloves and punch and kick their way to fitness, health, and happiness.

To our franchisees, it's an amazing business model packed with tons of support, incredible marketing prowess (90% of which is handled by corporate HQ), and opportunities to be as hands on or hands off as they'd like.



Why iLoveKickBoxing


iLoveKickboxing is a revolutionary kickboxing franchise. For our members who workout with us, we've created a super-fun, exciting program that uses real kickboxing gloves, real heavy bags, can real kickboxing techniques for a slim, healthy body. But our real "secret sauce" is the people. Every location is its own tight-knit community, led by passionate instructors who really care.

For our franchisees, we've innovated a unique, state-of-the-art lead generation system that fills their locations with new members. As such, we've conquered the #1 problem in business for our franchisees: how to get more clients. We provide more done-for-you marketing and client-getting support for our locations than any other fitness franchise, and we've done the research to support this claim. In addition, as Groupon's #1 fitness deal worldwide, our franchise locations get surges of new members multiple times a year.



Ideal Candidate


An ideal iLoveKickboxing franchisee is one of two people: 1) A fitness lover who is passionate about bringing a fun, exciting health & weight loss program to the world, or 2) An investor who prefers to be absentee, but knows a great opportunity when he or she sees it. There are opportunities in the franchise to be very hands-on, or very distant. Our ideal candidate can be either.


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