Liquid Capital Required: $250,000


At Huey Magoo’s - It’s All About The Tenders.


When you think about the most successful food franchises, one thing always comes to mind. One Thing. That’s right, In-N-Out, Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s, yes, even McDonald’s started with a limited menu – focusing on doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else. And as you know, the rest is history.

At Huey Magoo’s we share that philosophy and focus our brand on preparing and serving America’s best chicken tenders. Our premium chicken tenders are handcrafted and made fresh-to-order using honest ingredients daily. Plus, our tenders are available hand breaded or grilled, sauced for maximum flavor in one of our four signature sauces and paired with one of our nine delicious dips. Our company culture is inclusive, diverse and overall…very cool. Add to that a management team that has over 100 years in operating and growing food franchises and you’re talking about a recipe for success.

We take tremendous pride in our tenders and the fact that only 3% of the chicken is good enough for Huey Magoo’s. That’s because a real chicken tender is made from the tenderloin- so that makes them the Filet Mignon of the chicken, and that’s all we serve our guests.

The beauty of this simplicity is that when you factor in the sauces and dips, a guest has dozens of options and order possibilities whether they’re having tenders as a meal, on their own, in a salad, sandwich or wrap. It’s all built around the tender – and a smile. This ensures what we call “CravyNess” - which is an uncontrollable crazy craving for Huey Magoo’s.

Whether it’s a meal with friends or quality time with family, our staff has a talent for making each experience extraordinary. And through a service-driven culture and commitment to fresh, top quality ingredients, it’s no wonder Huey Magoo’s is expanding rapidly.

Innovative Marketing and Public Relations Support


Understanding the competitiveness of the Fast Casual category, we have partnered with InnoVision Marketing Group and Passion PR. InnoVision is a premiere marketing firm with national reach based in San Diego, California. Specializing in brand development, with a clear understanding of the importance of sales, InnoVision provides Huey Magoo’s with the complete suite of marketing and advertising services including media placement, creative direction, digital marketing, social media management, promotions, video production and much more. We keep our brand in the news and in restaurant industry publications with a strategic public relations plan executed by our PR firm, Passion PR. With over a decade of communications experience working with local and national TV, print and radio media platforms, Passion PR adds tremendous value to our marketing program. As part of our agreements with InnoVision Marketing Group and Passion PR, new franchisees are provided with a personalized grand opening marketing plan and continued marketing and PR support.