Liquid Capital Required: $150,000



Founded by practicing Chiropractors, HEALTH ATLAST is bringing the best of all worlds to patients and uniting doctors to be successful.


After seeing many patients placed on multiple medications by numerous providers without much coordination, HEALTH ATLAST founders Stephanie and Wayne Higashi, both doctors of chiropractic, found a need to create a multi-disciplinary approach to healing where doctors work together as one to optimize a patient's health. This wellness approach was found to be the best for patients.



HEALTH ATLAST Franchise Opportunities: Stronger together as a brand.



School doesn’t prepare you for the day-to-day challenges of running your own business – hiring, training staff, insurance, billing, compliance, marketing and patient retention. Not to mention the challenges of delivering quality care when a patent’s complaints are outside our scope of practice – for instance, the side effects of prescription drugs causing a drug cascade.



At HEALTH ATLAST our goal is to eliminate unnecessary medications and surgery and help the patient attain their wellness goals. We do this by integrating; medical, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage and nutrition, so you are able to treat a patient holistically, using the least invasive, appropriate modality.

We become doctors to help people. We start our practices to be able to enjoy the important things in life. Becoming part of the HEALTH ATLAST family provides the training and support you need to get your business on solid ground and grow it so you can have time for the things that are important to you.

If you’re not a chiropractor, we have opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

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Benefits of HEALTH ATLAST Franchise Conversion


  • - Easy CONVERSION to the recognized HAL brand
  • - Increased patient retention with additional and recurring revenues
  • - Training of best practices from franchise support professionals
  • - Established vendor partnerships for more efficient purchasing power
  • - Proven marketing strategies and local advertising programs
  • - Proprietary best integrated medical practices and services
  • - Profitability from ongoing analysis of business operations
  • - Research and development of new products and services


Why consider franchising over hiring a consultant?


Consultants are great. Mentors are essential. Consultants get paid whether you do well or not, versus a franchisor who succeeds when you succeed.

In a franchise, the franchisor has a vested interest in making sure the franchisee does well, is successful and grows their system.

In addition to the wealth and knowledge of support, franchisees receive compliance references and training. Every office counts with a franchise!



What makes a great HEALTH ATLAST Franchisee?


Successful doctors of chiropractic, medical doctors, doctors of Osteopathic medicine, wellness professionals, philanthropic investors looking to expand and improve the health of others are candidates for being a great HEALTH ATLAST franchise owner.