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Liquid Capital Required: $75,000


If you’re thinking about breaking into the 'Green Market', you should think about GH Builders. We’ve been at the cutting edge of sustainable building for years, around the globe.



Grow YOUR potential as a Builder

GH Builders is the only builder in the United States to be compliant with the International Standards Organization for design and construction of energy efficient homes.

But what does this mean for you? Upon joining as a Green Homes Franchisee, we introduce you to our Green Cloud Suite of systems, built from the ground up to assist in building upon your current business practices and giving you the skill set to become a better business-person!

We know that one of the largest road-blocks in your journey as a builder is tackling home-owners warranty, make sure to ask us how we can help you overcome the challenges around your current limitations and let us build you up as a better builder. Green Homes is proud to say that we empower our builders to not only build better homes, but be better business people.



What does this mean for you?

In a nutshell, this compliance means you know what you’re getting—nothing but the best! Your Green home will be audited to ensure every component conforms to strict energy management guidelines.


Why Now?

There has never been a better time than right now to become the expert Green Homes builder in your area. Consumers made the sustainable, healthy, efficient connection years ago and expect their homes to perform in alliance with their principles and the building industry simply hasn’t evolved.

If you want to have a sustainable, profitable, successful and lasting business you need to be building green homes and the time is now! If you’re a builder who is not evolving into the green space your business will become redundant. Become an expert and leader in the green space by joining Green Homes. We have clients waiting…



Take control, and build a sustainable construction business.

Begin your journey to offering the best homes available on the market, and inquire about the award winning franchise today!