Liquid Capital Required: $60,000


GameTruck Franchise


Drive Yourself to Success. We Deliver Excitement!®


What caught your eye?  The video games?  The parties?  The excitement?  Make no mistake, GameTruck is the leader in providing mobile video game entertainment.  However, can you see past the thrills?  Can you see the impact you will have as a GameTruck Owner?  As a member of the largest network of mobile video game theaters in the country, can you see yourself as a business owner in your community bringing joy to kids, peace of mind to parents, and leadership to your team?


GameTruck is about much more than parties, it is about having an impact, about connecting people through play.  We don’t play together enough any more.  Small screens snag our attention and we ignore each other even when we are side by side.  We have scared ourselves into isolating our children and and hyper managing their time.



Help people put away the phone, come together, and reconnect through play.  Whether it is outdoor laser tag, multi-player video games, or bubble soccer, a GameTruck business helps people have new experiences and form new memories with the people they care about most.


As a GameTruck owner you can deliver these kinds of powerful experiences in your own community.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  Using our proven systems and support, you can become part of a network of owners who care about quality, about honoring their commitments, who make difference for their customers, their employees and ultimately their families and themselves.



GameTruck System:


As you look into your own future what do you see? Do you see yourself:


  • As a part of the largest network of successful video game theater owners in the United States?
  • Taking advantage of sophisticated online booking tools that automatically pre-calculate logistics?
  • Attending the annual conference where you connect with other owners, grow professionally, and improve your business?
  • Leverage the only national call center in the industry to provide 7 day a week phone coverage?
  • Training in the field with experienced owners?
  • Being part of the only company in the industry to attend E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo)
  • Using the most sophisticated logistics planning software in the industry to manage multiple offerings and events in a single day?
  • Partnering with Major video game developers like Activision (Skylanders) and Nintendo (The Switch)to provide unique and memorable experiences to guests


If you can see yourself running a business you are proud to own, that makes people happy, and you want to find out how you can own your own state of the art video game business we are happy to tell you more.