Liquid Capital Required: $10,000



The Opportunity

Secure your very own exclusive territory in this business service that is revolutionizing the way that businesses understand their customers!  Everything will be provided to you including training, support, and technologies. 

FastestFeedback offers you the ability to give businesses a free test campaign. This unique marketing program makes it easy for everyone - from a seasoned sales pro to a beginner – get a business owner’s attention.

You can make it your full-time passion and move even faster in ramping up your revenue streams into a serious monthly income… or you can work your territory on a slower basis until you have created enough monthly revenue to concentrate solely on your new opportunity. No technical skills or IT experience is required.  This opportunity is turnkey and you only need to talk with local small/midsized business owners to become successful. 

The cherry on top? FastestFeedback TOTALLY refunds your investment as you gain clients!! This is a fabulous new opportunity that should truly cost you nothing if you are active in your territory.



An Unmatched Small Business Customer Experience Management Solution

FastestFeedback is revolutionizing how businesses understand their customers!

- Customer experience monitoring and retention service for the Small and mid-sized Business market
- Gathers and processes customer feedback through surveys
- Highly scalable business model
- Successful beta test in Atlanta, GA 
- Independent territory owners act as sales reps to acquire new merchant clients 
- Receive recurring monthly and/or yearly payments for every client
- Get your investment totally refunded to you as you gain clients
- $250 - $300 revenue per subscribed location per year


An Unmatched Business Opportunity

FastestFeedback supports business owners in multiple industries: restaurants, salons, shops, cafes, Motels, retail, grocery, auto repair and service, hospitality, medical practitioners. And it is an affordable solution for small to mid-sized businesses. This means you have plenty of revenue streams to work with!

This highly scalable business model gathers a massive amount of customer feedback for business owners, providing them with monthly reports and a space to respond to feedback. As a territory owner you will secure new merchant clients who are charged annual or monthly subscription renewals.


What FastestFeedback Offers:

- No inventory to stock
- No storefront to manage
- No hidden costs and surprises.
- Exclusive territory(s)
- Option to hire your own commissioned sales staff to promote within your territory from day 1
- Great pricing that costs businesses less than $2 per day for this service that any smart business owner will want.
- Work your own hours, simple requirements to maintain active status


Manage your own time and determine your own income working from wherever you please. With professional effort, you could make $50k - $100k profit or more in the first year if you're determined to succeed.

The average business opportunity takes 2-3 years to become profitable. With our program that gives you back 100% of your investment you can be profitable in just a few months.



Only 1 person per territory - no competing with others in YOUR territory(s)!

No Yearly fees or royalties, simply be productive. 

The best businesses in the world currently receive feedback from less than 1% of their customers, help them increase that by more than 5000%