Liquid Capital Required: $15,000


Want to become a Distributor for a Fast-Growing and Highly Profitable Business?

Deliver a quality coating service at a fraction of the cost in less than half the time with Cre8build.

Cre8build is a remodeling company that specializes in no tear-out of walls and floors. Cre8build also manufactures and distributes its own materials made out of crushed up limestone + quartz.

We are the ONLY company that provides all of the services and products that we offer. (No competition!)



Why Choose Cre8stone?

Our dealers exclusively install Cre8's proprietary products anywhere their customers want stone, including walls, floors, showers, and countertops.

Gary and his dad has 40 years of experience. Our business was developed to fill a growing need in the marketplace.




Materials: We use Limestone for walls (vertical) and Quartz for floors ( horizontal).

Profits: This business model is highly profitable and will keep you as busy as you want to be!

Location: We promise to place 1 distributor per territory to ensure that you will have no competition with our product.

Business Model: We are looking for distributors that will SELL + INSTALL our products and are looking to run a successful business.




Our mission is to use stone overlays to remodel homes and businesses across the country for a beautiful look and sturdy design.

We aim to do this all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel, without any tear out, and with minimal mess made in the process. The best part? It takes us far less time than a traditional remodel!



  • - Cost far less.
  • - Takes a lot less time.
  • - Are of superior quality.
  • - Are sprayed, carved and colored by hand.
  • - Leave less mess than having to tear out the old way.



At Cre8stone we continue to develop products that are innovative and will stand the test of time.

We also believe in focusing on products that are green and eco-friendly. We feel it is our responsibility to preserve and protect our environment for generations to come. We will continue to deliver a product that is of the highest quality and that consistently sets new standards of excellence.

Cre8stone affords a wonderful opportunity to become a part of this team,servicing the new and remodeling construction, residential and commercial markets. We will teach you how to install in our Dallas training classes, with guaranteed results, utilizing our proven marketing system.