Liquid Capital Required: $55,000



Get Into The Lucrative CBD Business And Keep Your Job!


We offer Age Verification CBD Vending Machines Fully Placed and Active for you!! We also offer Medical Grade, Top Notch Products at Wholesale Prices for your increased profits!



We’ll Show You How It’s Done

CBD has many uses variety of uses including stress, anxiety and pain relief, help with sleeping, general wellness – even pet health. CBD is the part of the Hemp plant that does not cause any noticeable side effects. 

Our experienced placement team will work hard to place your machine in “High Traffic”. Busy Locations. Businesses all over the US and Canada have small, empty space that us wasted and we can place your profitable machine right in the high traffic location. The markup on CBD is substantial.


The general rule of thumb for final consumer pricing goes like this:


The manufacturer-grower sells the product to the wholesaler and the price doubles, then the wholesaler sells the product to the retailer and the price doubles, when the retailer sells to the consumer, the price doubles again. By the time the product reaches the consumer, there is an 800% markup. This is insider industry knowledge.  You can be part of the retail vending side and have freedom. No Boss, No Employees, Cash flow that in most cases goes directly into your bank account. A solid, consistent income without the middleman. Enjoy all these benefits in the explosive, healthy CBD Industry that is projected to exceed Twenty Billion Dollars in the US alone by 2014 .


Get Your Location Before Someone Else. You Are In The Right Place At The Right Time!