Liquid Capital Required: $250,000



About Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center


The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center franchise uniquely combines non-surgical aesthetic enhancements and medical treatments that improve both our clients' health and appearance. Our clients look better, feel better, and experience what it's like to age beautifully. Since 2005, our business model has been the perfect diversification plan for seasoned entrepreneurs and physicians seeking a cutting edge offering in a rapidly growing market that currently exceeds $15 billion/year.



Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center® makes the Inc. 5000 2019 – With A Three-Year Revenue Growth of 131%



Company History


Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center was founded in 2005 by Dan Holtz and Devin Haman, both long time fitness enthusiasts and known as 'Wellness Experts to the Stars' of Hollywood. Despite being remarkably healthy, both gentlemen began to notice the effects of aging in terms of increased body fat, a reduced immune system response, and a decline in hormone levels. As time progressed, other symptoms such as reduced energy, minor aches and pains, extended recovery times and loss of sleep were identified. Both gentlemen agreed; people need not accept a decline in their quality of life. Together they set a goal to 'pause' the effects of aging then combined the technology and experts needed to succeed. Today Dan and Devin own six Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers and have begun sharing their success with others through franchising across the nation, and soon across the globe.



Become a Franchise Owner

Learn our simple process to become a franchise owner with the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.



We seek individuals wanting to build an Enterprise. To that end we offer several levels of franchise opportunities. You can choose a single unit or agree to develop a larger market area. Our Area Development Agreement requires a minimum of three Centers within a defined market to be developed over a specific number of years.

Candidates will have successful and proven business management or ownership experience with a strong commitment to on-going marketing investments.



Candidates who practice medicine will fulfill the requirement that each Center be supervised by a licensed MD. Those not licensed to practice may hire a Medical Director to oversee multiple locations or an MD to work in their Center.

Minimum net worth of $1M required.