Liquid Capital Required: $100,000



Your journey to a Good Life starts here. Become an Allstate Agency Owner.


Do you want to be your own boss? Earn what you’re really worth? Make a difference in the community? It takes a special kind of person to become an Allstate Agency Owner. A successful candidate is equal parts dedicated and driven. Someone who isn’t afraid to take risks and turn them into rewards. Someone with a passion for helping people live the good life and building a good life for themselves. You want high earning potential and the support you need to get there. But you also want a name on the door that you can believe in. That’s Allstate.


Why become an Allstate Insurance Agency Owner?


  • - Competitive compensation, rewards and incentives for your hard work
  • - Customizable marketing and advertising tools to help grow your business
  • - Brand-name recognition from a top marketer and a Fortune 100 Company
  • - Economic interest in your business with the potential to open other locations
  • - Ongoing education and support
  • - High earnings potential
  • - No insurance background necessary





  • - Prior ownership of a business or franchise and playing an active role in the day to day operations, budgeting, planning and staffing strategies or experience in business management, sales management, or a leadership role with oversight of a team, unit or division preferred.


  • - Qualities of a successful agent are dedication to building a profitable business, passion for helping people live the good life and commitment to making a difference in your community.


  • - You are required to obtain all applicable state licenses for property & casualty, life & health insurance before getting appointed with Allstate.


  • - Purchasing or starting an agency from scratch, requires a sufficient amount of liquid capital. Allstate does not take possession of your capital. These funds remain in your control and you will use them to cover your operational expenses such as your payroll, lease, marketing, utilities etc. 


  • - If you’re looking to build a good life for yourself and make a difference in the lives of others, submit your information today!


Do you have what it takes to be the Good Hands®?

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to own their own business with no franchise fees, no sign-on fees or royalties, are attracted by unlimited economic potential, are driven by success, and have capital to invest. Insurance experience is not required. Many of our successful agents have come from various backgrounds in other industries. Strong business management skills or prior business ownership are desirable.