Liquid Capital Required: $75,000



Passionate about kids?


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Nutty Scientists® is one of the fastest growing children's franchises in the world, with franchises operating in more than 40 countries on all continents. We have recently been ranked as the #1 Children's Enrichment Franchise in the 'Top 100 Franchises' for 2015 by Franchise Gator and Entrepreneur magazine. Entrepreneur magazine recommends Nutty Scientists® as one of the 'Top 10 Franchises' for 2015 and the future.


We use hands-on experiences to teach science and incorporate aspects of engineering, technology and math on subjects like astronomy, the environment, technology and engineering, robotics, health and nutrition, prevention and preschool programs in an entertaining, fun way. Our internationally recognized pedagogic methodology increases children's motivation, as well as their creativity, problem-solving and understanding of basic analytics. Nutty Scientists® is an active member of the NSTA and our curriculum is correlated with the next generation of Science Standards. Nutty Scientists® R&D department works hard to ensure we always stay ahead in our industry.






Nutty Scientists® has two great franchise offerings!

1. Nutty Scientists® Center - $75k liquid capital required

2. Nutty Scientists® in-home franchise - $50k liquid capital required


Nutty Scientists® offers the most complete program on the market including after-school programs, camps, in-school workshops, pre-school program, events, birthdays, STEAM programs and environmental programs. This variety ensures year-round income with a 60% repeat rate. The low investment and overheads mean that our franchisees receive high margins – up to 80%!


Invest in a Nutty Scientists® franchise and receive training in all aspects of the business, an ongoing support program and access to cutting edge technology.


"We have owned the Nutty Scientists® franchise in Northern Kentucky since 2013. Buying a Nutty Scientists® franchise was a tough decision for us since we do not have any educational or business experience in our professional background but this is a decision we would make again. Nutty Scientists® makes it easy to run and we have found it is so rewarding. The response from the community, kids, parents and educators really gives both of us an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride. Every day we get to educate and entertain kids with fun experiments and Nutty lessons that they love." Scott and Mistie Wisniewski, Owners, Nutty Scientists® of Northern Kentucky




The Nutty Scientists® single unit franchise fee is $28,000. The minimum initial investment ranges between $50,700 - $62,100 Home Based and $156,050 - $333,100 if a retail Lab space is developed. This initial investment includes the franchise fee, an exclusive protected territory, 10 days of training in two phases (the second training will be onsite), initial kit of materials, publicity and promotional materials, uniforms, start-up costs and working capital).


You should also have:

  • A strong business skill set with a desire to grow a large, thriving business.
  • At least $50,000 in available cash.
  • The ability to begin execution of a franchise agreement within three months of the initial request for consideration to begin the qualification process.



With Nutty Scientists® you can experience personal satisfaction and make a contribution to your community.



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