Liquid Capital Required: $250,000


Bring the Pure Taste of Artisanal Bakery Products to Your Area Without the Use of Gluten, Corn or Soy-Protein.

So many of the gluten-free foods today are dry and flavorless or are bland, offered in the salad and fruit options of restaurants’ menus. How many times did you still get sick after eating less than appetizing gluten-free items in a restaurant because of cross-contamination. How many times did you feel that life was not fair when sharing a meal with friends and family?

A 2Good2B establishment is a beautiful café which becomes a hangout for the neighborhood and where you will find that half the customers are not gluten-free, they just love the fact that our food is clean and that we do not use corn-syrup, preservatives or any chemicals that do not belong in food. The other half of our clientele are the allergen sensitive clients that cannot believe that they are in a café where they can eat everything and where their friends and family also love to come since our proprietary products are so moist and delectable that no one believes that they are gluten, corn and soy-protein free.

Our clients drive hundreds of miles or pay high shipping costs to get our products and beg us to open a bakery or café closer to them. Our brand is known amongst the gluten free society and after winning many awards, we decided to franchise the very first gluten, corn and soy-free bakery & cafe in the nation!

  • According to the Los Angeles Times the gluten-free market was estimated at $4.2 Billion in 2012 and is expected to grow 28% per year, and reach $7.6 Billion by 2020!
  • Celiac Sprue Association has reported that 1 in every 133 people, the majority of whom remain
    undiagnosed, are estimated to be affected by celiac
  • The Gluten-Free Agency noted that more than 15% of consumers are eating gluten-free as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Time Magazine listed “Gluten-Free” as one of the Top 10 Food Trends of 2012…and Trends magazine reports that Gluten-Free foods have segmented from niche to mainstream.

The gluten-free market is here to stay with hundreds of books written on the subject and people finally feeling better thanks to their diet.

We offer 2 Models to choose from: Basic or Standard

You can operate either a 2GOOD2B® Artisanal Bakery that offers our wide selection of gluten, corn and soy-free baked products ("Basic Model")


A full service 2GOOD2B® Bakery and Cafe that offers the same baked products in addition to gluten, corn and soy-free meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that are complemented with organic coffees, teas and other specialty drinks ("Standard Model").


When you become a 2GOOD2B® franchise owner, you become part of the team. A team that has experience and the commitment to help make your new location a success.

  • We will teach you how to make all our proprietary products.
  • We offer training programs to assist you and your management staff.
  • CAKES CAKES CAKES! You will become a master cake decorator.
  • We train you on how to purchase inventory and control cost.

No baking experience is required. However, due to the need for
understanding and respect of our concept and its effect on health,
we prefer franchisees who are gluten-free.