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Liquid Capital Required: $20,000


The Leader in Web Based Sports Skill Instruction

Protege Sports is an innovative leader in the sports industry.  Offering a Web based platform that provides one of a kind sports instruction from world class athletes and coaches, an extraordinary fundraising resource, a robust team and league online community, plus social networking that allows amateur athletes, coaches and organizations to stay connected anywhere, anytime.

Ideal Franchisee Candidate Profile:

We have found that the best Protege Sports franchise owners typically have one of more of the following work, or life experiences:

  • A parent that has guided their child or children through a team based sport ( baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball and Lacrosse).
  • Someone who has volunteered to take on the responsibility to participate on a board of directors for a league or has coached.
  • A person who has knowledge in their market of the various leagues, organizations, clubs and schools for their sport of interest.
  • Professionals (current or former) with experience in brand marketing, sales or management and a love for sports.

If this description does not fit your experience base, then this will not be a good franchise choice for you. If it does, then you need to contact us immediately to get started on what may be the best decision of your life!

Protege Sports is Rewriting the Rules of the Game

Like iTunes, The Protege Sports platform allows amateur athletes to view exclusive, high quality, sport training videos created by over 100 professional athletes like Steve Nash, Shane Doan, Jessica Mendoza, Torri Hunter, Tim Salmon and Kerri Walsh, on their own Protege Sports member page.  And, like Facebook, the Protege Sports platform offers social networking and communications capabilities, so members can communicate with other athletes by posting real-time information and images, and coaches can keep their teams up-to-date with schedules, game footage and even take payments directly to their team page hosted by Protege Sports.

Own a Successful Business, While Doing What You Love

You may like what you do now, but you know that your true passion is sports. Whether its baseball, football or volleyball, you're at your best when you are talking about it, watching it, coaching it, or playing it! So why not use your sports knowledge and love for the game and turn it into the business you have always wanted?

Protege Sports is a home-based, low cost franchise opportunity. As an owner you will bring an innovative and powerful sports instruction and communication tool to leagues, schools, club teams and other related sport organizations throughout your community. What could be better then combining your passion and love for the game with a business that allows you to make a measurable difference in helping amateur athletes learn, providing coaches with incredible teaching tools, and giving administrators a vastly more efficient way to manage team activities and communications and last but not least, helping teams raise money to ensure that they will be able to continue playing the game they love.

A Franchise System Unlike Any Other

Protege Sports was founded in 2007 by a team of talented entrepreneurs that are heavy hitters in the franchising and sports industries. Our founders believed that the only way to grow our company is to create a franchise system where our franchise owners meet with teams and leagues throughout the U.S. presenting our e-learning and communications platform face-to-face. Our hope is that millions of amateur athletes will benefit from Protege Sports products for years to come.

We are currently offering franchise opportunities across the U.S. This could be supplemental to your current job or a full time career change. As a Protege Sports franchise owner, the decision is yours. Owning a Protege Sports franchise will allow you to do what you love, in your own community, while helping you build one of the most innovative and unique 21st Century business models ever offered through a franchise system.

Find more about Protege Sports, and what it takes to join one of the most exciting and innovative home-based sports franchise systems in the world. It's the fourth quarter, the score is tied and you have the ball…Act now!


Offering Franchise Opportunities for:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
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