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Liquid Capital Required: $50,000


Velocity Sports Performance Franchise Information:

What is Velocity Sports Performance Training?

Velocity is a leading franchisor of sports performance training centers with approximately 50 locations nationwide. The company trains primarily competitive athletes aged 8 to 21 (male and female), as well as a large number of collegiate and pro athletes in virtually every sport. Adult fitness is also offered in many locations.

Velocity was founded in 1999 by world-renowned coach Loren Seagrave, a five-time NCAA champion coach who trains Olympic, professional, and college athletes. At Velocity, athletes of any skill level can realize their potential through advanced training programs taught by degreed and certified coaches proven to increase speed, power, and agility, while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries.

We Offer Three Franchise Opportunities:

Velocity offers three business models and cost structures to meet your personal financial capability. Each option includes a territory that is protected to ensure your success in developing and growing the business. Based on your market analysis and financial investment potential, Velocity will work with you to determine which franchise opportunity best suits your goals. The different options are as follows:

  1. Home-Based Business ~ with Velocity training being offered at both outdoor and indoor venues, such as local public and private middle and high schools, sports fields at public parks, sport-plexes, gymnasiums, and recreation centers.
  2. Indoor Training Facility ~ this opportunity is modeled after a conventional retail business. This facility includes a turf running surface as well as a weight/strength area, thus offering the full complement of Velocity's sports performance training. This facility may range from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet in total size.
  3. Large Facility ~ a larger facility that would exceed 15,000 square feet. Note that we currently have many that are as large as 35,000 square feet in size. This of course is a higher cost structure and requires high athlete enrollment to make the pro forma cash flow positive. The key to making this a success is a good location and solid sales, marketing and operational management.

What Tools Will Velocity Provide to Franchisees?

    • National Partnerships:
      Velocity has national partnerships with Nike for apparel and branding, Nike SPARQ for training and testing, and Gatorade for hydration supplies and education. These long term relations are instrumental in Velocity's ability to attract and secure local/regional team, club, league, and school sponsorships that in turn provide a constant funnel of athletes to our business.


    • Proven Curriculum:
      Franchisees are provided programming methodologies and curriculum, with frequent updates and roll-outs as new programs are developed to serve the needs of additional market segments. Every exercise prescribed in our workouts has a supporting video clip demonstration.


    • Marketing Support:
      Velocity has pre-established marketing templates that make it easy for you to produce high-end marketing material that effectively attracts new business. Whether it's fliers, newsletters, or help with press releases, the Service Center Marketing Team is quick to provide quality support to you and your daily needs. Your Velocity business will also be provided with a turn-key, local website that your staff can update with current activities, partnerships you form, and the "Wall of Fame" of athletes training with you.


    • Velocity University:
      This educational resource is designed to teach new Operators and their staff proven best practices for marketing, sales, customer management, staff management, hiring support, and more. Velocity University provides online training in the form of videos, webcasts, assessments, and pre-recorded training. Classroom based training sessions are also held throughout the year, with no fee charged to Franchisees or their staff. Business development manuals are offered to help you reach new customers; and operations manuals assist you in the development and offering of different curricula that may make sense for your franchise.


    • Field Support:
      Franchisees have the support of a "Franchise Coach" who assists in every way possible to support your center's success, including center visits, calls, and webinars. In addition, senior level management from the Service Center is available in helping you negotiate formal arrangements with larger entities within your territory and other needs.


  • Technology:
    Velocity technologies make your business more efficient. We have a customized online customer relationship management tool that allows clients to schedule their appointments or sessions online, processes payments effortlessly, and creates sales management reports that keep you in control of your business.