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Liquid Capital Required: $50,000



About Us

At Auto-Lab, we provide a professional approach to today's automotive technology. Our company is growing and we are excited to be opening new locations in different regions all over the country. We are currently looking for people who are interested in opening their own Auto-Lab franchise.

Why the Automotive Industry

  • Automotive Aftermarket is growing continually. Annual Sales in North America have exceeded $193 BILLION.
  • Recession resistant, internet proof, cannot be outsourced.
  • Average age of vehicle is 10.8 years; older vehicles need more maintenance, and repair.
  • Average 2.3 cars per household across North America.
  • Less hours than most traditional franchises.
  • Specialized service, less competition than other industries.

Why Auto Lab Complete Car Care Centers

  • 23 year company as the dealership alternative.
  • Proven model, and business plan to sustain 23 years of business.
  • Complete car care, one stop shop.
  • Lower start up costs than other automotive franchisors.
  • Extensive, Comprehensive, training and continual follow up.

Auto-Lab is an organization that offers:

    • RECESSION resistant business
    • INTERNET proof business
    • BUSINESS than can-not be outsourced
    • LOWER INVESTMENT than most franchises
    • LESS HOURS than traditional franchises
    • A recognized BRAND name 

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  • A continuous technical and management TRAINING PROGRAM
  • A DIAGNOSTIC PROCESS that eliminates guesswork 
  • ALBMS® computer system designed to facilitate shop management, providing daily, weekly and monthly reports as well as automatic customer follow-up 
  • A group PURCHASING program 
  • A SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING derived from using state-of-the-art technology, diagnostic equipment and providing quality workmanship

Training and Support

Initial Comprehensive Training and Support

Auto-Lab provides all new franchisees with comprehensive training in our classroom and at your location. By learning a system that has been tested and proven successful, you will reduce your own learning curve and reduce costly mistakes. We instruct you in every area of our business operation.

Technical Services

To create technological superiority, Auto-Lab is prepared to assist you in the following areas:

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  • Full-time training department
  • Current technical information
  • Testing and evaluating equipment
  • Research and development for improved trouble-shooting techniques
  • An exclusive technical support database directly linked to each location

Business Support Service

Auto-Lab provides a complete approach to the business operations of its franchises. We will assist you with:

  • Creating a complete accounting system 
  • Locating financing 
  • Purchasing equipment and inventory 
  • Budgeting and forecasting 
  • Offering group purchasing programs