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Liquid Capital Required: $40,000


HouseCall Auto Mechanics Franchise Information:


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HouseCall Auto Mechanics is a unique and convenient service that performs most general auto repairs and maintenance at the customer's location, whether that is at their home or their job site. 

HouseCall works generally by appointment but usually on short notice. Emergency road service is our specialty. When there is no emergency we can come on a day and time that will fit into the customer's schedule. This is a great service for customers with hectic lifestyles. 

Categories of Repairs

  • Engine service lights on, Service engine soon, Service engine now, check engine, picture of engine, abs light on, any warning lights on
  • Dead battery, car will not turn over
  • Fluid leaks, motor oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid
  • Timing belts
  • Tune-ups
  • Alternators and starter motors replaced almost anywhere
  • 30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 – 120,000 mile service packages
  • Transmission services
  • Power Windows and locks
  • All auto electric including wiring short circuits
  • Brake jobs
  • Front suspension parts, struts and shocks, tie rod ends and ball joints
  • Exhaust system repairs, mufflers and pipes
  • Front wheel drive, axles, cv joints
  • Water pumps, radiators, hoses
  • Wheel bearings
  • Windshield wiper motors, repairs
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Fleet maintenance services of company owned service vehicles
  • And much more

HouseCall Auto Mechanics is a new entry in the automotive franchise market with strong advantages over any other automotive business or franchise. You will perform many general repairs like brake jobs, engine tune-up service, etc, typical everyday jobs that you have done many times. You will love it. 

This franchise has little overhead cost compared to the standard two or three bay garage which will cost thousands more per month to operate. It requires no employees other than the operator. To operate this franchise, the operator needs to be an experienced auto mechanic. He needs to be experienced in all operations of general auto repair, have at least 10 years of auto mechanic employment and have the desire to have a higher personal income in the field. 

HouseCall will show you the right way to accomplish this. Operator training will be provided by HouseCall Auto Mechanics in New York. This franchise can give the right candidate a substantial increase in earnings compared with employment as a typical garage mechanic. It also allows for more free time to spend with family or whatever is most important for you. 

The Future of HouseCall Auto Mechanics

As HouseCall Auto Mechanics develops multiple franchises in close proximity territories, it lends itself to be able to market and provide an expedited response time to the customer who has just experienced a breakdown and needs the vehicle repaired now and not tomorrow. 

An example would be if a customer has used a HouseCall mechanic we will call John. Let us say that John is busy with a job that he cannot leave when a new call comes in from that customer. The customer could wait for John to finish and come to them perhaps later that day or the next day, or the customer could request from dispatch an immediate response from another franchisee who is available right at that time to go and repair the vehicle. The customer can choose. 

This will create an impressive marketing strategy which will ultimately benefit everyone. Imagine the motoring public becoming aware that there is a company that can send a mechanic out to where you are only minutes after their vehicle is in need. Similar to AAA but without the towing, just the repair! This will also create an unbiased, random way for franchisees to receive business in addition to their own clientele.