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Liquid Capital Required: $100,000


Gerstung International Sport Education Opportunity:

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About Gerstung
Gerstung International Sport Education, Inc. was started in 1964 as a service organization for instruction in physical education. Our Baltimore, Maryland, headquarters offers over 120 classes to more than 1,000 children and adult students in a 42,000 sq. ft. facility. Courses are offered in movement education, gymnastics, youth fitness, dance, and adventure sports. There are Fall, Spring and Summer sessions, a summer camp, and special events all year long! Gerstung training facilities and programs are found as far away as Indonesia, Korea, and Germany.

…is the brainchild of Siegfried Gerstung, founder and owner, who saw a lack of quality physical education programs that fostered creativity, problem solving and boosted self-esteem. This led to the development of a non-competitive teaching method with the focus on cognitive and physical skills, encouraging children to use their own innate curiosity to stimulate movement. Over 70 pieces of equipment, attachments and components were developed to help facilitate the challenges in his curriculum. Today the Gerstung influence is found in schools, clubs and freestanding facilities throughout the world.

The JUST ADD KIDS concept features two programs: MOVEMENT LEARNING for those 12 months to 7 years, and FUN FITNESS for those 8 to 13 years. Purchasing both programs allows for faster growth of the business by offering multiple classes for different age groups, making the gym a single stop for busy families.

Is Gerstung Right for Me?
People with backgrounds in early childhood education, psychology, and physical education who really enjoy being with kids and have a sense of organization have had success with this program. For FUN FITNESS, physical education teachers or sports trainers and people who enjoy working with kids 8-13 years in a fitness arena. We seek owners that have a sense of business and organization, who enjoy being creative and independent. The more professional background one has the less training is necessary.

Training & Support
We require five days of introductory training for our MOVEMENT LEARNING program at the Gerstung Center in Baltimore, MD as well as on-site training after the facility has opened, or a time deemed appropriate. Our FUN FITNESS program is a 2-day session at the Gerstung Center. Follow up training, for any program, can be conducted as often as necessary and is determined by the owner. Updates are recommended on an annual basis.

Ongoing Service & Support
As a member of the Gerstung International Academy, a professional association of quality children's institutions, you buy into a support system of the Academy members. You will receive:

  • Access to phone and email help (first 2 years)
  • Program guides/curriculum
  • Suggestions for equipment use
  • Input on administration, marketing and promotion
There is free hands-on training at the Gerstung Center at all times. Our internal "extranet" web-site, with your JUST ADD KIDS code, provides further Movement and Locomotion lesson plans with music suggestions, as well as pictures of equipment set-ups.


Get Started!
Gerstung's JUST ADD KIDS is a business opportunity NOT a franchise. The programs can be tailored to the customer's specific needs with regards to space, age, and focus. The programs and equipment are suitable for a freestanding facility or as an addition to a gymnastic, dance, or fitness club. It also allows the owner to add other quality programs to the mix that meet the needs of their customers.